HCYA T-Ball Saturday DOUBLEHEADER REPLAY Mets v Rangers | Yankees v Red Sox

Time for a new season! We’ll be covering the Horizon City Youth Association T-Ball 2017 ‘Game of the Week’ every Saturday!  Tune in every Saturday as, we here at HorizonCity.com bring you all the action.

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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23: Mets vs Rangers

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23: Yankees v Red Sox

FRIDAY, AUGUST 25: Dodgers v Braves

FRIDAY, AUGUST 25: Red Sox v Mets

SATURDAY, AUGUST 19: Yankees v Rangers

SATURDAY, AUGUST 19: Mets v Dodgers

SATURDAY, AUGUST 12: Pirates vs Dodgers 

SATURDAY, AUGUST 12: Rangers vs A’s


The replays of all Junior/Senior League games this season are listed below, just click on the hyperlink.

SATURDAY, JUNE 24 – CHAMPIONSHIP: Rockies vs Reds (Sr. League)

SATURDAY, JUNE 24 – CHAMPIONSHIP: Phillies vs Rangers (Jr. League)

FRIDAY, JUNE 23: Braves vs Rangers (Jr. League)

FRIDAY, JUNE 23: Rockies vs Phillies (Jr. League)

SATURDAY, JUNE 17: Red Sox vs Rockies (Sr. League)

SATURDAY, JUNE 17: Reds vs Rangers (Sr. League)

SATURDAY, JUNE 17: Rangers vs Twins (Jr. League)

SATURDAY, JUNE 17: Braves vs Mariners (Jr. League)

SATURDAY, JUNE 17: Phillies vs Cubs (Jr. League)

SATURDAY, JUNE 17: Rockies v D-Backs (Jr. League)

FRIDAY, JUNE 9: Senior League All Star Game (10-11-12)

FRIDAY, JUNE 9: Junior League All Star Game (7-8-9)

SATURDAY, JUNE 3: Rangers vs Braves (Jr. League)

FRIDAY, JUNE 2: Reds vs D-Backs (Sr. League)

FRIDAY, MAY 26: Reds vs Rockies (Sr. League)

SATURDAY, MAY 20: Braves vs Mariners (Jr. League)

FRIDAY, MAY 19: D-Backs vs Red Sox  (Sr. League)

If you missed a game from previous seasons, simply click on the logo below and scroll through our archive.

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  1. Thank you to the onsite game announcer and everyone it takes to post the games online. As a parent of one of the players, I really appreciate it! This was our first time playing with the league and this makes it special for our family. Our son looks forward to hearing the game after he’s played. Thank you once again! 🙂

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