Community invited to ‘Be Kind’ during 5th annual “Misael Kindness Day”

August 19, 2019 is a special day in the Horizon City Community. It would have been Misael Hernandez’ birthday, but sadly he left us in 2014 just a week after graduating from Horizon High School.

Misaelwas an amazing young man who was known for his kindness. He was known for giving rides to whoever asked to and from school, taking breakfast for his band mates, talking to and sharing ice cream with new students to make them feel welcomed and much more.

Rather than simply remembering him on his birthday, Misael’s family and friends decided to turn his birthday into something special.

Immediate family members began performing random acts of kindness to honor his legacy like paying for someone else’s birthday cake at the store, baking banana nut bread for the neighbors, handing out waters to sports team and taking donuts to the local fire station.

Cards with Misael’s picture were taped on the items which explained it was a random act of kindness as a way to honor Misael’s legacy on his birthday.

Misael’s friends also got involved the following year in 2015 and after that, word spread quickly throughout the community. The Horizon City community began participating and performing random acts of kindness as well, such as paying for the person behind them and keeping that going for hours in the local McDonalds.

Now in its 5th year, Misael Kindness Day has evolved into a beautiful community event mainly on social media where community members are encouraged to post pictures and stories of their acts of kindness.

Local businesses have also had the Misael Kindness cards available for the community to pick up. This year, however with the recent tragic events in our city, we have decided to host a “Misael Kindness Day Kickoff.”

It will take place on Saturday August 17 th , 2019 from 8 AM until 12 PM at Vista Market in Horizon City.

Misael’s family and friends will be there giving out coffee, cookies and other treats to the community as a way to spread kindness.

It will also be an opportunity to meet followers of Misael Kindness Day on social media in person and it will give them the opportunity to pick up kindness cards so they can go out and perform their acts of kindness.

We invite the community to come out and support this great event. For more information, they may call (915) 276-5493 or visit our website at or follow us on social media via Facebook, Instagram @misaelkindnessday and twitter @MisaelKindDay19

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