Dr. Shook Elementary staff, faculty and administration celebrate Region 19 Teacher of the Year

A celebration at Dr. Sue A. Shook Elementary school honored educator Perla Lozoya, who was named Region 19 Teacher of the Year, at a special ceremony at the ESC Region 19 Head Start Multipurpose Center.

Lozoya is also one of three elementary school finalists in the state selected for the Texas Teacher of the Year program.

Faculty, staff and administrators gathered Aug. 23 for the celebration at Dr. Sue A. Shook, where Lozoya is a fourth-grade teacher. Lozoya and her fellow teachers enjoyed pizzas from Papa Johns, Bahama Bucks snow cones, and cake.

Prior to teaching, Lozoya was a social worker, which inspired her to become an educator.

“I noticed a need for grammar and writing, these kids lacked that, and I wanted to set that foundation at an early start,” Lozoya said. “So, I decided I wanted to be an educator and I know I went into the right profession because I’ve been teaching writing to fourth graders for the past 14 years.”

Faculty and staff credit Lozoya’s success in the classroom to interactive lessons that keep the students engaged and wanting to learn more.

“I guarantee you to the students that are in Ms. Lozoya’s class, it’s just another fun subject,” said Dr. Sue A. Shook Principal Cristina Sanchez-Chavira. “They don’t see the material as something very difficult because of the way she presents it and everything in her class is extremely engaging.”

SISD Superintendent José Espinoza, Ed.D. and Chavira shared a few words with the crowd that had gathered to celebrate Lozoya in the school gymnasium before presenting a video footage from the night she was named Region 19 Teacher of the Year.

Lozoya was showered with flowers and gifts and she shared a few words of gratitude.Ms. Lozoya celebrates honor with cake

“I am a reflection of you all,” Lozoya said. “I did not become the educator that I am now alone rather I am the educator that I am today because of all of you and because of everyone that I’ve had the honor of working with, and I thank you so much.”

Chavira credits the success of students across the district to teachers like Lozoya, who is passionate about what she does.

“It’s very important to have teachers like Ms. Lozoya because not only are they making a difference with our students, but they are also inspiring other educators, even administrators like myself, anybody in the field of education and that is so important,” she said.

Dr. Sue A. Shook celebrates Region 19 Teacher of the Year event photos

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