Eastlake Extension to North Loop Now Open to Traffic

After years of work, and several months of delay, the much-awaited Eastlake to North Loop extension opened to traffic Friday morning, June 29th.

Known as the Nuevo Hueco Tanks Road in Socorro, the new one-mile roadway connects commuters from Interstate 10 to North Loop Road. This 4-lane roadway is the second point of access for the public to travel in and out of the city from a north and south direction.

City of Socorro officials say, “This stretch of roadway will bring with it significant opportunities for economic development for the community.

This roadway project has been in the making for years, and the City is proud that they along with the partners at the table – Camino Real Mobility Authority, TXDOT, and the El Paso County – all worked to make this long-awaited dream a reality.


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