Eastlake Wrestling Looks to Soar to New Heights with New Coach

Under new Head Coach Sam Arrieta, the Eastlake Wrestling team is looking to not only improve on their 2017 campaign, but completely dominate 2018.

“We are starting a new program and the lesson that I, Coach Arrieta want the kids to understand is easy…we are going to work harder than everyone else…that is how we are going to beat them.”

With team captains Bobby Espinoza and Kylie Hernandez, Coach Arrieta is not only setting the pace, but setting the example.

“If a Coach works hard and is passionate about a sport, then the kids will be passionate and work hard. That’s being said, as their coach. I have high expectations for them. They are expected to reach those expectations by the time Districts, Regionals and State come around.

Through Arrieta’s passion over wrestling and his stated goal “dedicating more time training than any other team out there,” the Falcons have their path set before them.

“I have seen kids start off on a long losing streak and then turn it around midseason…. this team is expected to win medals, trophies, be State ranked, make it to State, place in State, and become State Champions,” Arrieta says.

“These are the goals that we have as a team and they are possible. Anyone who doesn’t believe Eastlake kids can become champions, we challenge them to show up for competition, and we will show them. We are not afraid.”

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