EDITORIAL: Because we’re neighbors now…

Chances are, when you first decided to move to Horizon, it may have been to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It may have been to live just off the golf course, or to be close to the desert landscape. You may have moved here to give your children a chance in a new and growing school district, or it may have been due to the price of a home you couldn’t pass up.

Whatever the reason, you are now a Horizonite.  A fellow small town resident. A neighbor. And neighbors take care of each other and their families.  This isn’t something new, this is something that goes back to the early 60′s when the first residents moved in to the ‘island of green in the high desert.’

At that time, Horizon was but a handful of houses, a club house for the golf course, a multi-room hotel and the original town hall building.  No schools, no stores, and very few lights.

It stayed that way until investors decided to build a speedway – Horizon City Speedway – in the late 60′s.  A handful of businesses popped up to serve the 2-to-3000 fans that showed up every Friday and Saturday to watch their favorite drivers compete.

A Good Time Store, followed by a strip mall and even a Tastee Freeze sprung up along side Horizon Boulevard to serve those fans as they drove to the speedway, located just behind the present-day site of Horizon High School’s Emperor Stadium.

As families moved in, the kids only had the desert to play in; and schools were miles away, in the green valley of Clint. Churches were few and far between, but well attended.  The lone grocery story was not much larger than 1/2 the size of the 7/11.

And that was all.  Even after the town was incorporated in 1988, families had to travel 5-10 miles for anything more than the basics.

Why do I bring this all up? Because, neighbor, we’re all in this small town together now. Old residents, new residents. Those living in Agua Dulce, off Ascencion or in the Emeralds, or over by Ricardo Estrada or by Eastlake: we are all neighbors. This is our town and these are our kids.

So when you pull up to one of the new, gleaming fast-food outlets that stand where desert was just a few years ago, and your order takes a bit longer than the same place in El Paso (or wherever you WERE from)…that kid is from Horizon…and that kid belongs to all of us…be patient. Don’t run to your computer to complain about it, encourage that kid working the drive-thru window and say thank you.

When you lament that there’s no large clothing store, or 50 screen movie theater, or any of the 100′s of other stores you may have just moved away from, this is YOUR town now, and that’s why you moved out here…to get away from the crowd and the big city.

When you complain about the police hassling drivers, instead of patrolling the neighborhoods, keep in mind…while you’re asleep, HCPD and Fire are making sure you are safe and sound. Just because they made a traffic stop does not mean they’re not looking out for you, your family and everyone’s safety. And while you’re at it, wave at the HCPD officer or Firefighter, because that’s what neighbors do.

And when HCPD isn’t around, keep an eye on your neighbor’s home and your entire neighborhood. Because that’s what neighbors do.

We pick up the trash bin that blew over. We pick up the broken glass. Because that’s what neighbors do.

It takes some getting used to. Us long-time residents are still adjusting to having 2 grocery stores, 3 traffic lights and not having to leave our little town for the basics.

You’ll get used to it, and – hopefully – you’ll get used to the fact that life in the High Desert deserves to flow at a slower pace…and YOU and YOUR family deserve that pace.

Just remember: This is our town, they’re all your kids and  we’re all in this together…neighbor.

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