El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots Dog Near Eastlake High

Map courtesy Google Earth

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPCSO) officials say that one of their deputies shot a dog Tuesday morning, near Eastlake High School.

According to EPCSO, the incident occurred Tuesday morning, May 16, shortly after 11 a.m.  The news release states that El Paso County Sheriff’s Animal Control responded to the 400 block of Duskwood St. in reference to a vicious dog..

When Animal Control arrived, they attempted to impound the dog, but the officer was unable to restrain the dog and requested assistance from deputies.

Shortly after arriving, one of the responding EPCSO deputies did fire his duty weapon killing the dog. The incident is currently under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office Shooting Review Team.

No other information was released.

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  1. That’s just wrong poor dog vicious or not there could have been other options. The family should be devastated a dog is part of the family.

  2. That’s some ho ass shit man WTF first black ppl now ur fukin moving to dogs.. get a fukin life bro and get that battery outta ur ass!!

  3. It’s the owners fault for not keeping the a vicious dog inside their yard ,good job officer

  4. If that dog had attacked your child then you would be saying, why didn’t EPCSO do something about it. Yes, it’s someone’s pet and a sad loss but I would rather have a dead dog than a dead child/person.

  5. Pet owners need to be responsible in properly securing their pets in a safe enclosure, to prevent a tragic incident that could have been prevented from a frightened animal. In this case a scared dog from being killed…sad

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