EPCSO’s Free Spay and Neuter Program Returns for 2018

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office continues their FREE Spay and Neuter Program for residents of the El Paso County.

The spay and neuter program is NOW open to residents of Horizon City, Vinton, Socorro, Anthony, Clint, San Elizario, and residents of other unincorporated areas within El Paso County.

From September through November the service has spayed and neutered 266 animals. Felines spayed 49, felines neutered 27 for a total of 76. Canines spayed 76, canines neutered 114 for a total of 190.

The following is the schedule for January, AM sessions begin at 7:00 a.m., PM sessions begin at 2:00 p.m.

Note to Residents:

 Arrive early to ensure that they reserve a spot for surgery.

 Tell the veterinary staff that they are participating in the El Paso County Spay and Neuter Program at time of registration.

 Have proof of residency in one of the above-mentioned areas. (Valid ID, DL, Utility Bill, etc.)

 Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Officers will be on-site to verify the address is within the areas of eligibility.

 As always residents living within the eligibility areas are able to attend any event so long as they do not reside within the City of El Paso.

Wednesday, January 3rd , 2018

Historic District of San Elizario 1400 Main St. San Elizario,

AM Session begins at 7:00 am

Friday, January 5th , 2018

Walmart (Parking Lot) 13900 Horizon Blvd. Horizon City, Texas

AM Session begins at 7:00 am

Wednesday, January 10th , 2018

City of Socorro Recreations Department 900 N. Rio Vista Socorro

AM Session begins at 7:00 am

Thursday, January 11th , 2018

Anthony Town Hall 401 Wildcat Dr. Anthony,

AM Session begins at 7:00 am PM Session begins at 2:00 pm

Friday, January 19th , 2018

Walmart (Parking Lot) 13900 Horizon Blvd. Horizon City

AM Session begins at 7:00 am

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Dr. Applegate Park 7966 Quejette Rd. Vinton

AM Session begins at 7:00 am

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  1. I understand this is a free program, but honestly there should be a rule for ONE pet per person (or family) there is people who make line to take up to 3 pets at once not leaving chances of space for more people to take their pets. This is unfair and upsetting.

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