VIDEO+GALLERY: Shots Fired at House Party: No Injuries Reported; Multiple People Detained, Questioned

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A house party turns violent, as a fight escalates into a shots fired call early Sunday morning.

According to witnesses, the shots were fired outside of a massive house party along the 13900 block of Desert Song, shortly after 2 a.m. Sunday.  Neighbors say the party, which had attendees parked along nearly the entire block, started Saturday evening, but quickly went out of control early Sunday.

At some point a fight broke out between two groups in the back yard of the home.  The crowd then moved to the front yard, with many of the young adults recording the fight on their cell phones.

“You could see them, all in a circle around the fight, about 2 to 3 people deep,” a neighbor stated. “The cell phone video lights were all going off and on, like they were streaming the fight live on Snapchat.”

A short time later shots rang out, scattering the crowd throughout the neighborhood; with most fleeing in their cars.   There were no injuries reported, but at least two vehicles were struck by the shots, as well as a nearby home.

“I was on the phone with 911 as I saw the fight starting,” another concerned neighbor said. “Then, all of a sudden, there’s this quick series of ‘pops’ and I yell ‘shots fired’ on the phone and told my kids to hit the floor…it was scary.”

The scene was still quite active, even two hours after the shots were fired.  15 small markers were set where the shells from the shooting fell, among the numerous beer cans strewn across the street.  A late-model Camaro was parked in the middle of the street, with officers searching the vehicle.

As Horizon City Police officers questioned two small groups of young adults,  a neighbor alerted HCPD officers that an unknown number of people were hiding in his back yard.  After a brief confrontation, four more individuals were brought out, in cuffs, for further questioning.

Via a new release, HCPD officials said they recovered two guns and detained to people for further questioning; Horizon City Police continue to investigate the entire incident.


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