High Desert Insurance Company Sponsoring Teacher of the Year Contest

As the school year winds down and awards are handed out,  one high desert business is looking to give a special award to a very special teacher.

Arleen Beard State Farm Insurance Agency is holding a ‘Teacher of the Year’ open to any teacher in the Horizon City area.  The competition is open to students and/or parents to nominate a teacher who they want to be considered as a Teacher of the Year for the area.

Nominations must be submitted  via an essay that explains why their nominee should be the Teacher of the Year, the essay should be no less than 100 words and no more than 500.

Usually, the Teacher of the Year competition is decided by a vote of their peers at their designated campus, this competition allows students and parents to be able to nominate the teacher they feel had the biggest impact in their lives.

Essays should be submitted, in person, to Arleen Beard State Farm Insurance, located 13855 Horizon Boulevard – Suite J – here in Horizon City.

There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, who will be selected by representatives of other Horizon City businesses.

Deadline for submissions is May 4th, and the winners will be notified on May 8 and an article will be posted here on HorizonCity.com

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