Horizon City Fire Department Joins Extreme Weather Task Force

The Extreme Weather Task Force (EWTF) is expanding its reach into the far east El Paso area with the addition of the Horizon City Fire Department to its coalition of more than 30 agencies working to promote hot weather safety and fan donation and distribution for our community’s most vulnerable. 

They will primarily be assisting with fan drop off and donation sites in the Horizon City area,” said Grace Ortiz, APS Community Engagement Specialist and EWTF Chair. “The need is great and the EWTF is grateful for partnerships in our community. 

New fan donations can be dropped off any time at local fire stationsThose in need of a fan who meet EWTF criteria should call 211. 

Participating fire station locations in Horizon City include: 

Central Station  – 14151 Nunda Ave.   |  Horizon City, TX  79928 

Station #2 –  12361 Paseo Del Este  |  El Paso, TX  79928 

Since 2004, the Extreme Weather Task Force (EWTF) has collected and delivered more than 10,000 free electric box fans to qualifying elderly and needy families. 

“Currently, we are asking the community to be proactive to help keep elderly and needy families from heat-related illness and possible death,” said Ortiz. “The Buddy System will be the primary means for keeping vulnerable safe. 

To help save lives, the EWTF stresses use of the “Buddy System.”  This simply involves having a trusted relative, friend or neighbor check in daily with an elderly or disabled person during a heat wave 

A Buddy encourages an at-risk individual to stay cool by wearing lightweight, loose-fitting clothing, to eat well, drink plenty of fluids and cool their home safelyIf there are errands to be done, the Buddy does them, or makes sure they get done. 

Those most at-risk for heat stroke include:  elderly people with inadequate food, clothing or cooling; babies sleeping in hot bedrooms; children left unattended; adults under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs; mentally ill individuals; people who remain outdoors for long periods (the homeless, hikers, hunters, etc.) 

Corporate and monetary donations are welcome payable to the APS Silver Star Board.  The APS Silver Star Board mailing address is 401 E. Franklin Ave, Suite 350, Attention Grace Ortiz, and El Paso, Texas 79901. 

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