Horizon WingStop Opens, Two Other Restaurants to Follow Suit Soon

After several months of waiting, wing-craving High Desert residents had their prayers answered this week as Wing Stop (13855 Horizon Blvd) opened.

The new WingStop, which spans two suites at the new mall, was doing a brisk business Wednesday night with numerous call in orders and a full dining room.  The shift manager said that business was picking up, only a day after firing up the kitchen.

“We were wondering how people would find out about us, we put up balloons and a sign by the turn…and then the cars just started showing up!”

The race to be the first restaurant to open in the new strip mall, across from Walmart and next to City Hall, was seemingly neck-to-neck-to-neck as Sunny’s Sushi and Don Carbon had crew working at breakneck speed to finish the work; but the WingStop crews won the fast-food race as their location opened on Tuesday.

HorizonCity.com has reached out to both restaurants to see when they’d be opening, however neither have responded to our messages or emails. Once we find out from them on their opening dates, we’ll pass the information along to you.

WingStop is open 7 days a week, until midnight.

Horizon WingStop open!

Posted by HorizonCity.com on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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