Juarez Newspaper: Horizon High Aide Arrested, Allegedly Sexually Abused 2 Young Girls

Mug Courtesy Juarez Municipal Police

According to a report in the Spanish-language newspaper El Diario of El Paso, a Horizon High aide and substitute teacher was arrested last week after allegedly sexually abusing two young girls.

Víctor Benito Bugarín, an instructional aide and substitute at Horizon High, allegedly abused the girls at a children’s center – Comedor Infantil Cristiano, in south Juarez.

The girls told their family, who went to the police station to press charges; officials in Juarez are now looking for more possible victims. Bugarín was arrested early July 7th and remains in custody.

Law enforcement officials in Juarez add their Public Prosecutor’s Office is already providing psychological help to the children to overcome this experience.

According to a statement, Clint ISD will follow District policy and procedures in this situation in the best interest of our District and the school.

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