New to Horizon City? Here’s All The Info and Links

The links included are to help new (and current) Horizon City residents. First off, Welcome to the High Desert! You are now a Horizonite, if you’re not sure what that is, check out this story and take it to heart.

Now, some of you may be wondering, how far does Horizon City extend and am I really in the city limits. There’s a helpful map below, under that are links to all the important things in Horizon City.  And thanks for visiting our website!

logo Horizon City Government

You can find Horizon City council agendas, along with meeting times via the link above? Council meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month, unless a special meeting is needed.

HorizonPD_2318817DHorizon City Police

As a reminder, to get in touch with the HCPD quickly and speak to dispatch, please call 915-852-1047.

map1Horizon City Improvement Association

banner1Horizon City Water

basbeallHorizon City Youth Association



Horizon City Sports Association




Clint ISD


sisd_logoSocorro ISD

imagesCAHFIFAKHorizon City Lions Club

imagesCAEYJBEKHorizon City Kiwanis

imagesCATRF8XAHorizon City Chapter: American Legion

el-paso-electric-logoEl Paso Electric

twcSpectrum (Fmr: TimeWarner Cable)

logo_tgsTexas Gas Service





 Holy Spirit Catholic Church


hcbcHorizon Bible Church

273814_100003981724358_2099670806_sNew Horizons Church

fbchcFirst Baptist Church of Horizon City

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