Officials provide update on Eastlake Marketplace Shopping Center Project

The on-again, off-again project that has Horizon-area residents buzzing appears to be back on track.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, several social media posts revealed a layout map of the proposed Eastlake Marketplace, at the corner of I-10 West and Eastlake Boulevard, showing the names of several national retailers and their proposed locations in the center.

With the new renderings and names posted on social media, excited residents reached out to us to confirm the news.

An investigation revealed that the River Oaks website – developers of the center – as well as the Eastlake Marketplace Facebook and webpage had either outdated or very little information regarding the new renderings.

On Monday morning, officials with River Oaks responded to our calls for information regarding the posts and for an update on the project.

According to the officials, they’ll be able to officially confirm tenants and a timeline by mid-summer, however a date for groundbreaking has not been set, nor have any of those tenants confirmed.

As with all shopping centers and commercial developments, officials are not able to announce tenants until a contract is signed, so the posts showing restaurants and stores is not official until River Oaks gets those tenants to sign on the dotted line.

The project, first revealed in the Fall of 2015, was a blockbuster, as residents excitedly shared information and their hopes for various stores to set up shop in the soon-to-be shopping center.   However, as the excitement died down, so did information about the progress on the center.

On two occasions, a sign for the new Cinemark location had been set up, only to be taken down a few months later.

Original rendering released in 2015 | Courtesy River Oaks
This rendering, posted to several social media accounts shows locations and names of tenants. River Oaks officials say once they have the tenants signed, then they can make an official announcement.

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  1. What we really need in Horizon is a Melek place (buy m.orders, buy lotto tickets, drop off mail), a public swimming pool, and a bus terminal. And last but not least a KFC if possible. I love their original recipe chicken. Thank You.

    • There is a pool that is open to the public, located at the golf course on Ashford drive. As for the other ideas, they are great and should be shared with City Council!

  2. A great addition to this part of town would be a local public library. Kids and the general public would greatly benefit from this, especially during the summer breaks.

    • Agreed! Have your brought your idea to the Horizon City council? I know there’s a group that’s actively campaigning for one.

  3. Is the city going to develop a city with transportation in mind? What about easy access and walking distance places just like in the big cities like Dallas were they build apartment complexes with retail for small business or gyms?
    I do not wish to have Horizon city become like El Paso city where we only build houses and houses and there are no nice apartment complexes that offer a resort living style and that consider green areas for neighbors to meet and children to play.

    • This particular development is not within Horizon City limits, therefore city council has no say in its construction or transportation issues. That falls to the El Paso County commissioners. Any other questions or comments about development and transit within city limits can be shared with Horizon officials directly at 915-852-1047.

    • I love the idea of the movie theater being closer to home this is needed to get people over the idea that horizon is so far away from anything. please start this project we need it and it is not that far to walk for all the new homes around there.

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