Public Meeting on Horizon Mesa Park: City Highlights Amenities, Residents Raise Safety Issues

Wednesday night’s meeting at Desert Hills Elementary School regarding proposed improvements to Horizon Mesa Park drew some favorable comments about the project, but also brought to light several issues regarding parking, safety and past promises on parks.

Horizon City officials, along with representatives from Greenway Studio presented the concepts for the improvement to Horizon Mesa Park.

The handful of residents in attendance welcomed the idea of improvements to the park, which would include a new playground, revised landscaping and walking path, as well a new shade canopy; however that’s as far as their goodwill went to the idea.

Residents brought forth issues regarding traffic flow and parking around the small, neighborhood park.  With cars parking on either side of the street during larger events, residents made their points that the traffic safety issues surrounding the park were ‘an accident waiting to happen.’

Other residents brought up the past promises of developers, specifically those promises made of park expansion once the neighborhoods were ‘built out.’  Residents pointed to the large, empty lot across the street where a ‘Phase Two’ park had been promised by neighborhood developer Hunt, only to be left an undeveloped space.

At one point during the discussion, one resident lamented, “If they’re not going to follow through with their promises of parks, pull their (building) permits…don’t let them build any more.”

In response, city officials stated that those builders did not have any on-going permits to build, and that’s why no permits could be pulled.  Officials also invited residents to City Hall to check the development maps, to see where the building out process of the neighborhoods was not yet complete.

“This is not Hunt City…this is Horizon City, and they shouldn’t be allowed to build if they haven’t done what they promised,” the resident responded.

Other issues discussed were the lack of power outlets in the park for those holding parties or events, the lack of lighting – which would be addressed by placing direct lighting above the re-done field, and issues regarding light pollution leaking into nearby houses.

Another issue brought up by neighbors was the upkeep of the rock landscaping and trees surrounding the park.  A resident remarked that upkeep on the existing landscaping had improved, but ‘thorn and sticker bushes’ popped up in the past causing park patrons problems with their running and basketball events.

Greenway officials said they would take those issues regarding the landscaping into consideration as the project moves forward.

The next meeting is scheduled for January 31, 2019 at Frank Macias School at 6:30 p.m., and that meeting will cover the proposed improvements to Golden Eagle Park, and will be open to the public as well.

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