Students, Teachers at Dr. Sue Shook Elementary Join Other SISD Schools in Bully-Free Pledge

Dr. Sue Shook students were entertained by Chico, the Chihuahuas mascot.

As safety is the number 1 priority for staff and teachers throughout Socorro ISD,  school campuses have spent the first few months of the school year teaching children about bullying awareness and prevention.

SISD schools have many events to reinforce bully-free campuses, including rallies, community pizza nights, parades and assemblies.

Dr. Sue Shook Elementary had an anti-bully rally with all its students on the school’s basketball court.

The youngsters learned the four anti-bully rules, repeated their bully-free pledge and promised to tell an adult if they saw something unusual, said Maria de la Rosa, school counselor.

The students were entertained by Chico, the Chihuahuas mascot. Later that evening, students and their families were invited to go to Peter Piper Pizza in Horizon City for pizza night.

Students signed the giant anti-bully pledge that now hangs in the Rattlers’ cafeteria.

“We need to learn this information so students can stay safe, so they can feel secure and so they can have respect and practice respect with their friends and people on campus and at home,” de la Rosa said.

Click here to see photos of the Dr. Sue Shook Elementary event.

Here are some events from across the district:

Mission Ridge Elementary students were entertained by mascots from all over the city for their anti-bully rally. Chick-fil-A’s Cow, Mission Ridge’s Owl and Peter Piper Pizza’s Rocky danced with other mascots to promote a bully-free environment.

Both counselors, Albert Mendoza and Ruth Harris, sang old rock and roll songs but changed up the lyrics to include an anti-bullying message. Children loved the entertainment as they sang and danced along.

“We are learning that we have to be a good person and not be a bully,” said Renata Lerma, a fifth grader at Mission Ridge. “That way no one gets hurt and we can be one big family.”

Click here to see photos of the Mission Ridge Elementary event.

Purple Heart Elementary brought the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program and the Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports Program together. They presented the message by staging their own version of the “Wizard of Oz.”

Called the “The Wizard of Heart, the play taught the students about positive behavior, kindness and a no bullying environment. Dorothy and her cohorts, the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion learned throughout all their travels, said Sheryl Wilcox, speech and language therapist at Purple Heart. Of course, there was a good witch and an evil one.

“It was a blast to play the witch,” said Christina Castaños, a fifth-grade teacher at Purple Heart. “This play lends itself so well to what we are teaching our students. It’s been great for the kids.”

Click here to see photos of the Purple Heart Elementary event.

Sierra Vista Elementary asked Americas High School football coach, Patrick Melton, to address bullying to the students who filled the Capt. Walter E. Clarke Middle School gym. He told the cheering students that it was important to report any bullying to an adult and to help fellow students who were being bullied.

The key was respect and treating others the way you would want to be treated, he said. Chico, Rocky, the Americas drumline and cheerleaders and Clarke’s Cowboy also showed up at the rally to help support the anti-bully message. The elementary school also had a pizza night at a nearby Peter Piper Pizza.

“We invited all of them because we knew they could influence them in a positive way,” said Sierra Vista Principal Christina De La Cruz. “With the pizza night, we hope to get parents involved with what we are doing on campus. We want to inform the entire community. It is so important.”

Click here to see photos of the Sierra Vista Elementary event.

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