TxDoT To Hold Public Meetings About Future of Horizon Boulevard

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is developing a Corridor Master Plan to address current and future transportation needs along Horizon Boulevard (FM 1281).

Officials with TxDoT say, “Horizon Boulevard is expected to experience increased growth in the future, as many new developments along the corridor are currently in the planning or construction phases.”

The Horizon Boulevard (FM 1281) Corridor Master Plan is studying an approximately 9.4 mile section of Horizon Boulevard (FM 1281) between Alameda Avenue (SH 20) and Ascension Street.

The Corridor Master Plan Study is defining existing transportation challenges and opportunities and is evaluating possible solutions.

The corridor master plan documents the community’s future vision regarding transportation; and develops a set of recommendations to enhance safety and mobility.

Public input is a key element to the success of this Corridor Master Plan. TxDOT will host a second round of public meetings on January 30,2018 at Oz Glaze Senior Center here in Horizon and January 31, 2018 at the City of Socorro Rio Vista Government Center (see the graphics below for addresses)

The public meetings will be conducted in a open house format, where the public is welcome to come and go at the locations listed below, in English and Spanish.

Alternatives to address existing challenges will be presented at both meetings.

TxDoT officials say the Corridor Master Plan:

  • Has defined existing transportation challenges and opportunities and will evaluate possible solutions
  • Will document and evaluate the community’s future vision regarding transportation
  • Will develop a set of recommendations to enhance safety and mobility
  • Will consider drainage implications of potential improvements

The plan includes data collection, public involvement, analysis of current and future transportation needs, and identification of potential projects. A key outcome of this process will be the identification of a set of projects for short-, mid-, and long-term implementation.

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