VIDEO+GALLERY: Clint ISD Storage Lot Fire: 4 Vehicles Destroyed, 6 Nearby Workers Treated for Smoke Inhalation

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A fire swept through a storage lot behind the Clint ISD Maintenance Facility at 311 South Darrington Road shortly after 10 a.m. Friday morning.

The dark smoke could be seen for miles around the High Desert, as crews from Horizon City Fire arrived, backed up by units from Socorro and Clint.  Within minutes, the inky black column of smoke turned gray, as firefighters doused the flames with water and fire-retardant foam.

While there were no injuries at the actual scene of the fire, right across the street at the Johnson Controls/ASC (Air Systems Control) Plant right across the street six workers were treated for smoke inhalation.

The entire plant, as well as a nearby construction zone were evacuated due to the heavy smoke.

According to Clint ISD officials on the scene, the fire started in a storage lot where various bins of scrap material and equipment were being stored.  The bins were located under a metal shade, right next to four CISD vehicles.  Three trucks and a van were destroyed by the fire, as was the metal shade covering the scrap.

The intensity of the flames was evident, as the supporting steel i-beams were partially melted, resulting in the entire structure drooping over the smoldering bins.  Firefighters continued to pour water and foam over the entire area for the better part of an hour, knocking down the hotspots.

Horizon City Fire Department Incident Commander Kris Menendez said crews brought the fire under control in a little over 15 minutes. Menendez added that the cause of the blaze was unknown and would be investigated.

Fire in Horizon

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